[tcb] Re: Speaking of Chili?

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I dunno, beans gives it texture and somehow make it more interesting, however 
if I were gonna make chili dogs then beans are out! It's complicated...

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   If you add beans it no longer chili! That makes it yankee stew! ;)Sent via 
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Speaking of Chili?
What I usually say is "Make it the way you like it, and if people want to eat 
it, they will."  Personally, beans are in for me and the thicker the better.  I 
like chili, not spicy soup.

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That's a can of worms you are opening.  This might be more heated than the 
aircooled  v. watercooled debate.


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I'm thinking about it.

Is it OK to put beans in Chilli?

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>I will make some, its not hot just edible.


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> How many chili cookers do we have for the Fri. night cook off ?

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