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Here is a no research I'm not going to lookit up cuz I'm lazy question, do my twin Kadrons have vacuum ports. I bet that they do and I don't use them right? Whay is the hose called that runs from one to the other?

That balancer sounds like a thing from heaven, I have never heard of it.

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Maybe all our mechanic friends out there will not agree; but the best carb sync I have found is the one they use for motocycles. Bought mine at a Honda MC shop. Has four tubes filled with mercury (one for each carb up to 4) and one line leading to each tube. Attach one tube to a vacuum port on each carb, run it up to about 3,000 rpm and adjust till you get the two tubes of mercury (just like in a thermometer) lined up and you have them synced at cruising speed.

At 03:23 PM 2/20/2006, you wrote:
Well, Sparky has a new engine and is up and running.

Not without a few hiccups though (afterall it is a VW).

Got the engine and most of the hardware installed this AM and started it up. No oil pressure.

Pulled sender, fired it up, no oil pressure.

Called Mark and asked him what he thought.

Pulled mustache bar, exhaust and oil pump - no oil at all inside of oil pump.

Put in stock oil pump - 50 PSI at idle.

Mixed and matched parts - old oil remote cooler pump housing, new drive gear for flat cam, new cover for remote oil filter and cooler - 50 PSI idle.

How can a brand new CB Performance oil pump housing be bad? Just luck I guess.

Trying to get the carbs synced right now. I tried using two vacuum gauges, too many fluctuations in the vacuum so I'm back to adjusting carbs by ear. Don't know if the new cam is effecting the gauges.

I'm taking a break now and hope to go for a drive in an hour or so.

See you this weekend.


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