[tcb] Re: Sigla & Sekurit Pop out glass - both the same size right?

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I have to speak        Shame on you for thinking of putting in any glass except 
 VW glass     Sigla or Sekurit does not matter       pop out glass is to easy 
to find    Put in either, then find the correct glass       My junker buses is 
one thing but your bus is nice        Just my 2 cents             I am proud of 
you Sammie for being quite       but you made me speak out     shame on you 
sammie         Terry

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Just go to an auto glass shop dude

On Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 10:56 AM, James Dwan <james_dwan_2000@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have been looking for 3 months for 3 Sigla pop out windows to replace the 
ones broken during installation in Ennis but have not been able to find any. I 
found a Sekurit that is out of the frame and looks to be in excellent shape. 
It's not correct but it's only $30.

I can wait on the 2 broken ones on the driver's side but the one on the door on 
the passenger side is a spider webbed  eye sore since they broke the spoon 
latch and the window flew open while it was being towed and smashed into the 
door. I am thinking they should be the same size but I'd hate to assume. Anyone 
know for sure? 


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