[tcb] Re: Shirt $ and other stuff

  • From: Neil the VWDUDE <nbmdude@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 06:47:19 -0700 (PDT)

Hey Gerald, I'll be getting the postal money order to
you this mornin'...
One question, though...What made you think I'd be late
even b/4 we left Denis' house?
I had cash in hand at that  time to pay for the
shirts, had they arrived.
The only hold up was an unforeseeable foul up between
the company I work for and the Worker's Comp Insurance
company who actually issues my worker's comp check...
This past Friday, I FINALLY got 4 weeks worth of
paychecks, with MY bank FINALLY releasing the funds in
my checkin' account this morning (according to the
online banking).
Ya must be clairvoyant, dude!
I do appreciate yer workin' to get the shirts out to
everyone, can't wait to see ours!
I feel yer pain with the shoulder, man...Having
similar issues with my left shoulder/neck...I start
havin' injections into my spine this week so I can
tolerate the PT...
Bein' hurt sucks, don't it!  I had to pay around $150
just to have $4 worth of oil cooler seals put in
because I physically couldn't pull the engine to do it
Fixin' to head out to the postoffice now, when I get
back, I'll email ya the USPMO reciept #...
Take 'er easy, bud, life'll get better!
Thats what I keep tellin' myself !  ;)
--- Mark Sawyer <mechmark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Do you already have the parts to fix the Rivi?? 
> "Gerald V. Livingston II" <gerald.tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:  Hey Denis,
> Fred (the real Fred) said he gave you the $60 for
> his and Beverlyn's
> shirts. If you could send me that it would help.
> Everybody paid so far from
> the original orders except 2 and I expected Neil's
> to be late before he
> even left your house.
> I think I'm actually going to drop back/out for a
> year or three now. I
> talked to a mechanic and he's come up with $300+ per
> side to re-do the rear
> wheel bearings and another $300+ to do the clutch
> (yes, I think that since
> he thinks the clutch will take as long as the
> bearings he's not real sure
> about what he's doing but ...). I'm not hrowing
> another $1000 at that
> stupid thing. I can't really afford to for a while
> anyway. 
> Since I no longer even have a house to BUILD a
> garage at I'm just done for
> a while. I'm living in my office right now and am
> looking at a beat up used
> motor home to live in when we move our offices
> across the street in a few
> months Our landlord is selling this facility and
> renovating a building for
> us to move into since we manage some of his
> businesses for him. The new
> office space will be smaller than this one but
> there's room to stick a
> small trailer/motor home on the property. I'm so
> pissed about the way I'm
> losing the house I THOUGHT I was buying I can't
> really focus on finding
> something else right now.
> Add to the fun the fact that I ripped a
> shoulder/neck muscle then
> aggravated it when I had to fix the truck (remove
> the bed to replace the
> fuel pump). That's going to take 6 weeks+ to heal up
> now so I can't even
> really do any work on the bus myself. Jerome is
> about 6 weeks away. And I'm
> tired anyway. Since I sleep sitting up I can't get
> comfortable with the
> neck/shoulder problem so even when I sleep I'm not
> getting any rest.
> And I'm just venting now. I'll stop. this was
> supposed to just be a request
> for the Fred money. Sorry.
> I'll be lurking on the list but that's it.
> Gerald

"You've got to love livin', baby, 'cause dyin' is a pain in the ass!"

-- Frank Sinatra

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