[tcb] Re: Seriously, Let's Start a TCB Paint Faction

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My shop in Athens is open.
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  Location, location, location. Whenever in Austin, my garage is open to anyone 
with a need.

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          I did some body shop apprenticing when I was a kid and I'm not too 
shabby with paint, bondo and fiberglass. Surely there must be a welder among us 
and whatever tools we lack as a community we can pool in for. I can offer my 
garage in Deer Park. 
          If we just charged $50 a month membership for a few months we could 
get a compressor, sanders, spray guns and maybe some tutorial videos. (3M has 
come a long way since I painted a car.) 
          I have a kegerator and a fair share of tools. We just have to agree 
that all the tools belong to TCB and are always available for everybody. (one 
bus at a time) 
          We could be the club with all the prettiest buses in Texas and have 
fun doing it! 
          Sleep on it. 

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