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  • Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 10:05:17 -0600

Did you spray with a spray gun, or aerosol can?

Denis wrote:
> I tell people over and over about Rust Bullet, the stuff is great. All
> the prep you need to do is to clear off the loose rust that is going
> to flake off, you do not need to clean to bare metal. It comes in
> silver or black. It has a high volume of aluminum. I sprayed it on
> Murray's interior, including the floor and then, stupidly put down
> like a carpet pad and then the wood floor. After the tree incident I
> pulled up the floor and it was very wet under it. It had been wet
> forever under there for years and the floor had only the tiniest wisps
> of rust.
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>> Thanks sammie.
>> I've read Lee's article several times.
>> Basically what he is saying is that they are all a crock of $h1T in
>> regards to "encapsulation".
>> So, probably my best bet is to either get some master's series, or some
>> rustoleum spray paint.
>> I really need something that is in an aerosol can, to spray the inside
>> of the rocker assembly.
>> Mainly I just wanted to see if you guys were familiar with any products
>> that maybe nobody else has.
>> I just mainly don't want to be redoing this in another 10 years...
>> sammie smith wrote:
>>> Go here.
>>> http://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=131753
>>> --- On *Sun, 2/22/09, Eric Woodall /<eric@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>/* wrote:
>>>     From: Eric Woodall <eric@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>     Subject: [tcb] Rust.... preventative
>>>     To: "Texas Coalition of Buses" <tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>     Date: Sunday, February 22, 2009, 2:02 PM
>>>     Hey bus lovers,
>>>     I am about to do some rust work on my bus and I have some
>>> questions.
>>>     The first thing I'm going to do is the short rocker under the
>>> cargo doors.
>>>     I bought an assembled piece for Kelly (metalwizard) several
>>> years ago,
>>>     but the inner part is not painted or anything.
>>>     I need a rust preventative that I can get locally (preferred)
>>> that I can
>>>     spray, or pour into one end of the rocker assembly, and coat the
>>> inside.
>>>     The goal here is to not have to do this again in 10 years.
>>>     Something like POR-15 won't work because of the priming of the
>>> metal, etc.
>>>     So what's the verdict?
>>>     Thanks!
>>>     Eric

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