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  • Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 11:30:16 -0600

Linseed oil soaks into the pores of the metal you treat it with. Good for enclosed areas that you can use a fill/drain process on but not spray into easily. Don't use it on areas you may want to paint later because you'll spend days with acetone getting it back off.

Use boiled linseed oil. Plain linseed oil will take MONTHS to dry. Boiled will dry in a few days but while it's drying it is penetrating and sealing.

Plug all the holes in the rocker except one, fill at least halfway with boiled linseed oil, rotate slowly for a while, then drain and set it down in the same position it will be welded into the bus (so the "down" side that will collect water later will collect excess linseed runoff while drying).

The guys in this forum are discussing using it as a coating while waiting for paint (not ideal) but this one comment is notable.


"Re: Linseed oil as rust preventative?
I scrapped an Aeronica Chief several years ago that was at least 50 years old. It had flipped over in the wind and I wanted the engine. Airframe was bent up beyond practical repair. I donated the tubing to a local A&P school for practice welding. I cut it up before giving it to them and was amazed at how well all the 4130 was preserved that had been treated with linseed oil. A lot of the untreated but painted surfaces had some serious rust issues. "


Eric Woodall wrote:
Thanks sammie.
I've read Lee's article several times.
Basically what he is saying is that they are all a crock of $h1T in
regards to "encapsulation".
So, probably my best bet is to either get some master's series, or some
rustoleum spray paint.
I really need something that is in an aerosol can, to spray the inside
of the rocker assembly.
Mainly I just wanted to see if you guys were familiar with any products
that maybe nobody else has.
I just mainly don't want to be redoing this in another 10 years...

sammie smith wrote:
Go here.

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    Hey bus lovers,
    I am about to do some rust work on my bus and I have some questions.
    The first thing I'm going to do is the short rocker under the cargo doors.
    I bought an assembled piece for Kelly (metalwizard) several years ago,
    but the inner part is not painted or anything.
    I need a rust preventative that I can get locally (preferred) that I can
    spray, or pour into one end of the rocker assembly, and coat the inside.
    The goal here is to not have to do this again in 10 years.
    Something like POR-15 won't work because of the priming of the metal, etc.
    So what's the verdict?

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