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  • Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 07:40:31 -0600

general design is on the brink of being done just have to add a few things.

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Subject: [tcb] Re: Red White and Psychoblooie!
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 05:38:40 -0800 (PST)

I will head up the t-shirt committee as soon as the graphics committee comes up with a design. Now, when you same cooking competition, I hope you mean that you shouldn't be able to bring trailered pits or something like that, right?It would be a tough tug to Arkansas with a 1000 pound trailer in tow.

Denis Dodson <coocoo@xxxxxxx> wrote: I have these voices in my head and they are all talking about Psycobilly 2 Red White and Psycoblooie!.

The show on Saturday will probably have to have a name that won't freak out the citizens, so they'll come and bring their kids and stuff.

When I was a real hippy I hung out with some real bikers for a while and they always called the ordinary non-biker non-hippy people "Citizens". So I don't know how many church going Citizens are going to come to something called Psycoblooie.

Something with the 4th of July, Nob Hill loop, Something patriotic like, "If you don't come, it's because you hate America!"

For years I have told myself that when I grow up I want to be just like Paul. Look like Everett, but be like Paul. So I wanted to do like Paul's show in Temple and have an all VW show on Saturday, then have our great campout and then a Bus show on Sunday. Well, people (Dan) is telling me that he won't drive back up the hill to the show site Sunday morning because we don't do that at Paul's. Then he says that he doesn't think that I should have an open to the public campout at my house. Too many people and strangers will be watching when he does all his embarrassing and illegal stuff.

So the campout will be at my house but will be a private by invitation event. You will all receive "Seal of Approval" buttons or patches or somesuch doodad. I-am-Cool-Fred is Chairman and only member of the Graphics Committee. Thank You IACFred. You will be encouraged to invite others who would be fun at the campout, who will receive a Seal of Approval.

My Brother In Law Chuck, who provided the jaw dropping fireworks at Psycobilly 1 1/2 has been given a budget (twice the size) and made chairman and only member of the Explosives Committee. Thank you, Chuck.

Katrina will remain Chairwoman of the Strobe Light Committee. Thank you Kat.

What if, during the show, Saturday we had a camper cookout competition? Not a chili cookoff, but anything anyone would like to cook from their camper. To be judged by a jury drawn at random. spaghetti, roust chicken, pies, anything that they want to do to show off their camp kitchen.

I think that there will be four main areas of the show. The all Aircooled show will be at Chad's Stop and Shop. It's the store, gas station and lunch place ( he will be making kick-ass hamburgers and stuff ) up on Nob Hill Road. It is a white rock parking lot, but not too bad and there is grass nearby, but everyone should bring their own shade. Then, across the road, about 100 yards up, next to the car wash, will be the Watercooled show, a place for all the New Beatles, and Siroccos and Tuaregs...Oh yeah, Chuck owns a Sirocco (What a Sirocco. MegaSquirt) so he's the Chairman of the watercooled show. Thank you, Chuck. Vanagons will be an exception and will be free to chose which group they want to be in since they still are buses.Then straight across the street from the watercoolers, at the old Gas Station I own, will be the swap and vendor area and we can use the six car capacity with the working, full sized lift to have tech sessions or work on Big Ball's Bug or Steve and
bus or anybody else that needs a tweak. Lastly there will be the vendor and overflow parking area at the house and two acres behind the garage. A good place for kids to play. Keep them away from the creeks.

  My head is full of these voices.

  Pipe in, I will need all the help I can get.

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