[tcb] Re: Question About The Original Fringe on a Westy Pop-Top

  • From: Bill Gmail <bbauer2000@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2011 20:21:19 -0600

It is designed for the rain. 

On Jan 25, 2011, at 8:06 PM, kelly dosch <kellydosch@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>   Do you remember seeing old pictures of Westies with the top up and they had 
> that huge white fringe going across the front on top? 
>   That fringe is cheap and available but nobody ever seems to replace it. 
>   I am just wondering- Do you suppose it serves a purpose? 
>   I mean, it is cute and all, but those Germans were not easily distracted by 
> aesthetics. Every little thing served at least one purpose. 
>   I am wondering if it helps insulate against drafts while driving. 
>   As we all know, on cold days, every little bit of draft sealing helps. (As 
> Gawd is my witness, I will one day invent a simple devise that will clip onto 
> the the air vents at each end of the dash to seal them off during winter 
> months!) 

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