[tcb] Re: Question About Dual Battery Set-Up And Solar Panels

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True, but personally I believe that generators (and other noisemakers like radios) are fundamentally incompatible with camping. So for me (and others, I suspect) a generator is not an option. Warm beer is also not an option!


On 1/22/2011 9:12 AM, chuck wrote:
I guess if you got really desperate you could buy a small portable generator.I think you can have all the electrical you can use for less that the price of batteries and the inverter and they won't take up more space than thefour batteries.You just need to get a long extension cord and consider the low engine sound as Denis white noise.

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      Nope. Sorry. It's 97* in the shade. All your ice has melted by
    day two. The sandwiches you double-bagged in Ziplock Freezer bags
    still got soaking wet somehow. The nearest store is 6 miles away,
    but it's Sunday. Are they open? You don't know. Besides, you've
    already had four beers so you're not going anywhere anyway. So you
    finish out the night on warm beer and soggy sandwiches that are
    surprisingly more disgusting than you expected.
      Not that I've been there or anything.

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        One cooler = $30
        Two bags of ice = $3
        Cold beer = Priceless


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