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  • Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2011 18:52:21 -0500

Well, good thing that June doesn't work for your boss. She can still come.
She will have a big time.

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Well I was gonna come anyway but, sh!t happened.

On 6/19/2011 3:21 PM, Denis Dodson wrote:
> You said that you weren't coming because you wanted to do Eureka this
> so what is it?
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> Well my house is on fire and I can't make it!  Not really but I am on
> call that weekend because I went to Calif for my grandmothers funeral
> and had to trade with another guy.
> You guys have fun.
> On 6/19/2011 2:44 PM, Denis Dodson wrote:
>> The flood on a 300' cliff is because it keeps raining here in Biblical
>> freaking volumes. Not just rain, I'm talking shake the house for two days
>> and then a two day break and then even more rain for two days. The ground
> is
>> saturated and the water runs on the top and hits my house and comes in
>> through the concrete footings. I have been shoveling water out the back
>> door. There was an actual current that you could see running across the
>> garage floor. Things are still damp. It rained yesterday and is
> threatening
>> more today and tomorrow.
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>> I'm still trying to decide about making the drive.
>> That fire that Sammie is typing about is not quite between me and AR.
>> It's around Hwy 69 and I travel up hwy 96. And it's moving NW so that's
>> away from my path. BUT, there is another fire that's at about 1,000
>> acres now that appears to be right ON hwy 96 north of Jasper around Sam
>> Rayburn Lake.
>> Denis, the pic came through on the list. Cool artwork. I'll post it
>> somewhere too.  http://texasvolksbus.org/psycoblooie/psycoblooie2011.jpg
>> Does Chad still have the annual live-band party?
>> Somebody find me a cute 20 ... no, make that 25 year old (so Haggerty
>> will let her do some of the driving) to make the trip with me. It's
>> gonna be a longer drive without using the truck to pull. More spots
>> where I won't be able to hold 60+. Be sure she understands that in a
>> '70 there's essentially only one bed so she'll have to sleep with the
>> scary hippie.<grin>
>> G2 (who is still trying to wrap his head around the idea of flood water
>> getting over the top of that cliff)
>> On Sat, 18 Jun 2011 21:17:33 -0500
>> "Denis Dodson"<coocoo@xxxxxxx>   wrote:
>>> I hear your concerns and I feel your pain, but what about me? How
>>> will I feel when you don't show up?
>>> All you people, listen. I moved up here so that you poor, hot, dry,
>>> huddled masses people would have a place to come cool off in the
>>> lake, drink a little wine, eat some good food and blow shit up. And I
>>> just can't stand it that some of you miss out.
>>> It makes me sad for you, but mostly for me.
>>> Hell, this will probably be my last one. I have almost died up here
>>> three times. How much longer can I hold out? Somebody said that I'm
>>> not dead yet because God still thinks I'm funny. Well, how long can
>>> that last?
>>> Gerald, put all your important papers and stuff in a metal box and
>>> put that box in your bus and get up here before I pass away. If a
>>> wall of forest fire comes at you, exactly what are you planning to
>>> do? Piss on it? It won't help. You can be down there all running
>>> around with your beard on fire, or you can come up here and have a
>>> whiskey and watch it on TV.
>>> P.S. I do know that the drought and fire danger is serious, but I
>>> still have to make fun. I have had flooding and water damage
>>> downstairs
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>>> Not sure if I'll make it. Only part of it is lack of fuel funds.
>>> The bigger part is the fact that we are having a California/Colorado
>>> fire season in SouthEast Texas. Aerial fireworks sales have been
>>> banned. But we live within spitting distance of the Louisiana state
>>> line and I'm just not real comfortable with the idea of being away
>>> while rednecks with fireworks run loose in the tinderbox around my
>>> house.
>>> There was a 50 or 60 acre burn less than 10 miles from my house last
>>> weekend. Over the past 3 months we have lost several thousand acres
>>> within 100 mile radius of where I live. They had to close a major
>>> highway about 15 miles away when the flames got next to it and went
>>> over 100 feet into the air.
>>> Weather guessers are calling for decent rain next week. So far this
>>> year "decent rain" has only been 10 minute knock-shit-down hard
>>> thunderstorms or 3 or 4 hours of
>>> "drizzle-so-slow-you-can-smoke-outside" crap that just doesn't count.
>>> We need at least a full day or two of "who-left-the-shower-running"
>>> rain. Medium drops coming down hard enough to get stuff wet but not
>>> so hard you can see them bouncing back off the ground 6".
>>> Somebody needs to put a big ass overflow pipe due south from South
>>> Dakota down into the lakes that make up the Sabine/Neches river basin
>>> system. Send some of that stuff a little further west to help us out
>>> and keep Iowa, Nebraska, and Missouri a bit less wet.
>>> G2

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