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  • Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2008 14:23:35 -0400

I should have known that there were some on the list.?Some of us are 
what?"they" call?late bloomers. ?I was just making a point.


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When I was 15 in 1995 I baught a '79 vert bug, had that one until 2005, when I 
was 17 I baught a 74 sun bug only had that one for a year, in 2000 when i was 
20 I got my 67 bug with 2180cc's (still have), and last year I got my 67 bus 
(sold now) and my 72 westy (still have) and this year i got my 74 westy 
trailer. My buddy also just found me a 66 double cab i'm going to go look at 
next week. I'm 27 and have owned somewhere around 50 cars, but it's the VW's 
that i have a hard time parting ways with.


So long story short, if keep them, or if you sell them there will always be 
more, but if it breaks your heart to part with them, dont.


Jeff Bednar

(hopefully i'll be the proud new owner of an early double cab next week!)



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How many of the people on the list can say they owned 2 vws under the age of 
20.? I didn't have one until I was 27, and that was a 1971 orange squareback. I 
think you are cool to have both.? Hope to see one of them at the Classic - in 3 

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From: Eric Woodall <eric@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Bahhh, beetle smeetle...
Sell it and fix up the bus!

Shelby Shook wrote:
> I'm now the proud new owner of a little blue beetle. Dad decided he
> just didn't want it any more and wanted to get a new car, so he just
> gave it to me. I'm pretty much in shock. It really is a nice car and
> he really liked it. But this also means that I have to fix up the bus
> on my on with my own money. I'm kind of thinking of selling it but I
> love it too much. It's pretty damn cool owning matching cars hahaha. 

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