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Ok I'll bring potato salad and I'd like to try to open fire roast some beer 
butt chicken, I've never actually made this but I've always wanted to try 
it. We weren't leaving til noon but maybe I can get Steve to take the whole 
day off so we can arrive earlier- he's in Houston working this week til 

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> East Texas Bloomin'VW Show plans (I am praying for good weather):
> Mark,Dan,And I will be leaving here at 9a.m.We are leaving from Houston so
> itwill take us about 4 hours to get to Nacogdoches.
> We will be arriving Mission Tejas State Park in Grapeland at 1:00p.m. We
> willcamp Friday and Saturday.
> I plan on making some shrimp ka-bobs,deviled eggs, and desert for Friday
> night.
> If someone could bring some potato salad or cole slaw, that would be 
> great.
> Bring your own drinks!
> Saturday : East Texas Bloomin'VW Show
> The park downtown at 200 South Fredonia Street in Nacogdoches,TX
> 8a.m.-2p.m.$15
> Saturday we will be at the show,and there's places to eat downtown. Or we
> canplan another dinner. Any ideas? Sharon?Shirley?Larry?Terry?
> I can't wait until Friday!
> Katrina &Dan Martin
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