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  • Date: Sun, 4 Sep 2005 12:33:09 -0500

I'll be stunned if I am right about the exhaust gasket, since I am just about 
the dumbest mechanic around. The only things I know about are the things that I 
have personally had to deal with and I know the sound and feel of blown ex 
gaskets. It makes my 1914 run rough with lots of vibration and backfires, 
especially whenever I downshift. It could have nothing to do with the 
headlights. Might I suggest a loose wire from your fusebox? (Another problem 
from personal experience)
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  #1 - 125 PSI
  #2 - 130 PSI
  #3 - 130 PSI
  #4 - 145 PSI

  So it looks like it isn't in the valves or rings.  Each held the pressure for 
over a minute with no loss.

  I'm pulling the duals carbs and going back with a DP pict 34.  

  Also, since I need to pull the rear apron to get to the heat riser ports, 
I'll take Gerald and Dennis's suggestion and change the exhaust gaskets while 
I'm right there.

  If this doesn't do it, I'm at a loss.

  Hope to be finished late this afternoon.

  Thanks for all your suggestions and ideas. 


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