[tcb] Re: Nobody's talking. OK, PSYCOBLOOIE!!!

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Go get em  Sammy
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  I only have two comments:  I didn't know Julie had a new split window bus; 
and I didn't know that Chuck had screwed you on a blue bus.  In fact, I had 
heard it was the other way around.

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  Subject: [tcb] Nobody's talking. OK, PSYCOBLOOIE!!!

  Since nobody has anything to talk about, and I think the e-mail is still 
working, let’s talk about how great PB will be when ALL OF YOU get here.

  We have a new 3 bedroom house at the top of our road, behind the shop that 
will be done by then. I am moving the camping trailer further down the ridge, 
which makes about 4 more camping spots with electricity and water. There are 2 
improved level camping spots on the lower road. One can have water and power, 
the other is primitive. They are for those who really want privacy (not for me 
to judge).

  The fireworks stage is still there as well as the tubes. It takes a special 
fortitude to leave those there for a full year. Chuck and I picked out the 
fireworks, as many as last year and probably a little more. We picked ones that 
go WHOOSH! And a couple that go FZZZZZ! Of course some BANGS! And some 
WEEEEEEE! They all have colors, too!

  If you don’t come and somehow we don’t have as much fun as possible, it will 
be YOUR FAULT! So, give up and come on.

  The 4th is on Sunday, so the fireworks will be Saturday night.

  Julie could donate or auction off her new ‘64 splitty  if she feels like it, 
or just give it to me to make me feel better about getting so screwed over 
Chuck’s bus. I would just pay for the fireworks then and we’d all be happy 
happy happy!


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