[tcb] Re: Nobody? Buler? Anyone?

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I need all that stuff, too! If Bob's gonna do the Zone, he could do Murray at the same time. Two fer one!

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Sounds like you're doin' pretty good, Paul!  And that is good to hear!

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Not much TV , but pretty much computer and blues
CD,s.I'm making a list for BOB at his request, on things
to do on the zone.So far, so of this stuff I've had for
over a year and haven't done yet, vent wing latch, rear
safari latch, seal in the overhead air deal,redone speedo
with a gas gauge in it (can hardly wait),take engine out and
clean and replace all breather lines etc.Bob wants to design
a new linkage deal.we've gotta run a tube for the
throttle cable full length, ,We,ll see. Hopefully we'll
be ready by Bulli Gras and Nac.

Paul Smith

Transporters at the Point 6  October 9,10,and 11, 2009

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> Subject: [tcb] Nobody? Buler? Anyone?
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> Date: Wednesday, November 19, 2008, 12:23 PM
> I haven't been able to work on Murray since T@P.
> I had the Huge Home Schooling Stamp Event and no-sale,
> classic example at working really hard at the wrong
> Then there was the "I guess I have to clean the
> because I can't find anything in the rubble".
> turned into "What the hell is all this stuff and
why is
> it in my shop?" Moving a ton of stuff to a real
> storage, not my shop. Now I am being consumed by the
> Thanksgiving for 50 VW folks at our house. Which is
> work, because I need the folding table that now is
> by car parts and tools from cleaning the shop. It
> ends.
> So, Murray waits.
> So, Julie is busy moving into the deep backwoods of
> Hill Country, Mark and Emily are still getting settled
> their still new home, Chuck and Sue are going to
> Paul is watching TV I guess, Dan and Kat are back to
> sewing machine parts post hurricane, Neil's neck
> doesn't work, Amy is having a baby (?), Brian is
> threatening to come out of Arkansas, Andrew is working
> toward being the last machinist at Whirlpool, What
else is
> going on?

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