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  • Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 19:08:13 -0600

  Well, I'm not exactly a bus guy but I do have a chrome 36 hp style fan 
housing without the heater outlets that I would be happy to contribute to the 
cause.It is new never been used.
ole blue
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  Help from any and all of you bus guys.  Every year for the past three years 
the Nac show has donated 100% of the raffle and auction proceeds as well as our 
1/2 of the 50/50 pot to the American Cancer Society.  We will do the same this 
year and this is where you can help.  We are looking for raffle prizes and 
auction items.  If you have anything you would care to donate to either we 
would really appreciate it.  The T@P campout auction was a rousing success with 
some handcrafted VW items.  So if your artistic talents are such that you have 
or could create something, well you get the picture.  Or do you have some of 
those hard to find useful bus parts laying around that you don't need and are 
tired of tripping over?  well they might be great raffle prizes or an auction 
item.  Want to contribute, e-mail me.  Contributions with a value of at least 
$30 will be recdognized as a sponsor on the T shirts if received by the time we 
print the T shirts. Can't tell you exactly what that cut off date will be but 
we hold off as long as possible to get the sponsors listed. 

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