[tcb] My schedule for July -- mini campout -- Rivi work??

  • From: "Gerald V. Livingston II" <gvl2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 10:38:29 -0500 (Central Daylight Time)

We're doing a little workday flipping up here at because Chris' ex has to
travel for business so he will have his kids for a week rather than just a

I'll be working the 22nd to the 28th then be OFF the 29th to the 4th (neat, a

If anyone is interested that weekend we could camp at Chigger City and roll
over here for a while to try to get the Rivi ready for PsychoBilly. Chigger
City is only about 20 miles from where I work and keep the bus. 

*I* will pay up to $300 in camping fees for anyone who wants to help on the
Rivi. That's for RV spaces -- I'll pay for ONE cabin for 6 if there are those
who want to come, have no camper, and are willing to share space. That $300
is what I had set aside to pay someone to fix the Rivi. It's "extra money"
since I can't find a VW mechanic easily around here. The cabin will only eat
about $100 of that for 3 days if people want a cabin. That leaves quite a bit
to cover RV spaces. I think they let us stay for $5/day last year sharing
water/electric sites and using tent sites. They appear to have done a LOT of
cleaning up since then though. The building they were working on is now the
"new lodge" and the website says something about a farm and wild animal rehab
center to visit.

*RSVP* so I can reserve the space and shoot for their group discount.

Let me know quick enough and I'll hit up the Avon Lady for extra SkinSoSoft
to keep the chiggers at bay.

We can time a run into Beaumont to see my buddy John for anyone who decides
they need a new tattoo as well. Great prices compared to most and the best
freehand artist I've seen if you "have an idea, but not a pattern". All of my
work is freehand so I'll never bump into someone who has the exact same art
as me.  He's open 6pm until 2am Fri and Sat and until midnight Sun.

For those who weren't there last year here's the link to Chigger City:



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