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Are you planning on missing the soccer game and coming with us?? 

"Dirksen, Chris" <cdirksen@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:  Hey mark Swayer are you 
bringing a bus tow with ya? 

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Alot of you haven't seen the side of MPR that the
campout is in ,so here's afew thing's MPR has to offer
2305 gets you to Temple and I 35, 317 moody to the
north Belton to the south,2483 runs from 317 into
Oakmont park,2271 this is the road that takes you to
the Belton Dam , 2271 and 2483 intersect straight on
2483 goes into the parkaprox 1/2 mile , left on 2271
takes you to the Dam , 439 goes east and west from
Belton to Killeen , from south I 35 you can take loop
121 (bell county Expo exit) and go west on 121 till
you get to 439,high school on left, turn left go a
couple of miles and turn right on 2271 , belton Dam
exit , go 4 or so miles till you see the fire dept
,take a lft at the cross roads , and it will take you
into the park2483 changes into Tanyard ,but its all
the same .
West Point convenence store ,coming out of the park
road is on the left , Tres Mageyes is in the little
shopping strip at the crossroads , CC'S liqueor is on
2483, Mekeskas BBQ is on 2305 and 2271, Back yard BBQ
is close to West Point , Fat Daddy's is off limits ,
walmart 10 south on 317 , Heb 10 east on 2305 or 10
miles south on 317 , I think the Mexicavn restraunt
has ice 70 cents a bag. Havent heard anything on the
burn ban yet,.

Paul Smith


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