[tcb] Re: Man it's cold! Let's talk Psycoblooie

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  • Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 13:35:03 -0600

If you open it up to camping does that mean that the rest of the air cooled 
people can't camp there? I would think that it would be better to close the 
Sat. show at the end of there trophy presentation Then everyone that is not a 
part of the tcb can go away except for those that have been invited to the 
private  Sat.evening Sun. blow out /up. If the camping is open to all of the 
show particapants you may wind up with alot of people that you really may not 
wasnt there.AND if you want to have a camper cookoff I think it would tie in 
better with the Sat. evening camp/party, drink, BS ,fireworks,and whatever 
other activities that may be pursued .
Just my .02
ole blue 
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  If you can remember, before you turn left to my dirt road, on the right side 
of Nob Hill Road, there is a big white old gas station. just behind that is a 
house with, let's say 1 complete acre, maybe 2. It is a mowed yard with a house 
in the middle. It has level spots for maybe 4, busses after that there 
different degrees of slope, but not more than 3 2x6s could level. The house has 
a kitchen, three bedrooms, a full bath. It is a great place to hang out, but it 
is not my house, so if we allowed a big campout there, who's going to be 
security there and keep an on everything while we are having fun at my house. 
And if we tell people that they can camp up there, they could walk down to my 
house to party and they'd get their feelings hurt that they weren't invited to 
camp with us cool people.

  See the problem?

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    Where exactly is the 2 acres that you are talking about? Is that the area 
where you take the side road down to the left of your house off of the drive 
way? Do we need to come up early and bring weedeaters and yared blowers and 
clear some areas in the trees? I can't seem to get a visual on what area you 
are talking about. 

    Denis Dodson <coocoo@xxxxxxx> wrote: 
      Outside right now it is 29 degrees out of the high wind. And we had to 
send away for the controller for the central heat and air in my garage. It is 
colder inside there than outside. So, though I have ctually been working on 
Murray for the last three days (outside) today it's just too cold.

      Dan thinks that I should go ahead and publicise Pycobilly 2 as a 
show/campout, but he thinks that we can separate the camp areas because my 
house won't hold them all. I think that's what he said. I am sure that I can 
support 30 busses. There are two acres around the house behind the garage, so 
there is plenty camping room, but I am not sure why we should have camping as a 
real event if we are not all in the same place for the fireworks, food, general 

      We can't really do the Sunday bus show the way Paul does it. We can't 
have the show down at my house, there is no room for the public. We really 
would have to pack up and go back to the top of the road. If we can agree on 
that, then we could have a Sunday Bus only show.

      My idea is to have the Saturday show, then send ever yone home except us 
and hold the seal of approval party at my house, for invited guests only. 
Sunday we could lay around after a big brunch and take a cruise to the War 
Eagle Mill (30 miles round trip) or go to the lake and swim or whatever.

      Any other ideas?


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