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Ok, now it makes a little more sense. And I did find the pictures somewhere in 
one of the e-mail links.  All this makes you wonder about resto shops.  I have 
heard horror story after horror story about not only VW resto shops but classic 
and streetrodders as well.  There is evidently a large market out there for 
quality resto shops.  I have even thought about starting one myself but am too 
old, tired and not hungry enough.  I am asked often for recommendations and I 
only have two that I will recommend.  Earl Mann in OK for a reasonably quality 
resto and Lenny Coop in CA for a top quality resto.  Both want big bucks and 
lots of time.  
My experiences with paint and body work on my first resto is what caused me to 
start doing my on.  Amateur and not of the quality of a top-of-line resto, but 
I did it, it cost much less, and the only one I can complain to is me.  
Most people probably don't understand that it will take from 700-800 hours of 
labor to do a show quality resto on a bus in the category of a 23/21 window, 
and even at a shop rate of $50 per hour (and where can you find one that cheap 
now) you are looking at $35,000-$40,000 in just labor cost.
Trying not to be critical of anyone; just pointing out that there is a super 
need out there for top quality resto shops doing VWs.  I am hearing too many 
horror stories about too many shops out there not doing the job.

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Here it is guys:


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