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Tempra works well, too.  I let the Austin folks paint the Road Dogg several 
years ago as a fund raiser for Ken (forgot his last name) who'd been in a BAD 
wreck the day b/r that year's NovemberFest...Kids and adults did such a 
fantastic paint job, I was tempted to clear coat it...the Tempra washed off 

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#yiv1602256098 P {

use kids bath tub paints. Sold a your local wally world
Alma Jo

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Kendall wants to paint my Camper for her birthday. You know peace signs, 
butterflies ,etc …. Dee thinks I am crazy to let them but I thought they might 
have fun. Every party has pinata and a jumpy thing but a bus to paint? too kewl 
Am I nuts? Also I am thinking some kind of water colors so it will wash off 
(except the scratches)  :) 




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