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Brian "the cool fred" Denning - September 26

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David - Nov 20
Donna - Sep 15

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That is a great idea , I don't have a clue of how to get that done ,but if
some one knows how I'd be more than happy to help .The pic of Bob and Tina
is just awsome, James O dady O might have taken it? H ope you're feeling
better . Thanks so much for the idea .
I hope we can make it happen.

--- Beverly Williams <bevwill64@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I've been out sick since Saturday so I'm trying to catch up on all the
> TCB email.  It sounds like everyone had a blast last weekend in
> Boerne.  Hi to all the new subscribers!
>   Someone posted some really nice pictures from the camp-out at MPR --
> I still haven't posted the pictures I took (sorry).  Anyway, someone
> took a really nice shot of Tina and Bob standing beside their bus
> which was parked overlooking the lake with the sun setting in the
> background....really cool picture!
>   Paul -- You did a great job with the auction and everyone seemed to
> enjoy it.  I know I did!  Looking at the pictures from the camp-out
> gave me an idea about an auction item for next year.  If it's a crummy
> idea, that's okay, I'll just toss it out there for you to think about
> -- no harm done.
>   IDEA -- Everyone (almost everyone) has a calendar hanging in their
> house/garage/office/wherever.
> Sammie's daughter usually gives him a VW calendar for Christmas every
> year -- each month has a picture featuring a different VW bus or bug.
>   What if you auctioned the right for 12 attendees to have their bus
> featured one month on a Transporters at the Point Calendar.  I think
> everyone would want to order one of the calendars, and it would be a
> nice way to remember (month after
> month) the great fun had by all.  I don't know how much it would cost
> to have the calendars made, but there are some really creative TCB-ers
> who could come up with a cool design.  Like I said, it's just an idea
> I had as I was looking through the pictures posted from the cruise,
> camp-out & show.
>   Bev--
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