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We're going to miss you but that's one less boy for Kendall . Kendall has like 
5 boyfriends right now. My life is so over. And then there's abby - she has 

I need a beer. 

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Yep, really blows. I think Owen and Oliver would have fun together. 

Now it looks like Thursday nite is out too. I have a meeting that will keep me 
on Austin until 9pm. We are planning to stop by on Friday to say hello and drop 
off the whack off trophies. Pretty bummed about it really, but it is out of my 


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Awe man, really, y'all aren't coming? That blows. 

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Thank Paul. It was an adult XXL and a youth M. 

Yeah the Texas ou thing worked out this year but the wedding is still on at 
last report. I am working an angle that might let me come camp on Thursday nite 
but I'd have to leave on Friday, still very unlikely. Are you expecting any 
campers on Thurs? I think Julie mentioned she is headed up there on Thursday. 


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Please email me the size shirts you ordered ? Thanks, Did the move the wedding 
date yet?We got OU and UT to move their date ,so it looks like the couple 
should be able to comprmise also.? 

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