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I was hoping to get there early enough Friday to see you but I was just 
assigned two conference calls. Dang work. Always gets in the way of fun.

We'll be there after the sun has set in the West.

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Awe man, really, y'all aren't coming?  That blows.

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> Thank Paul.  It was an adult XXL and a youth M.
> Yeah the Texas ou thing worked out this year but the wedding is still on at 
> last report.  I am working an angle that might let me come camp on Thursday 
> nite but I'd have to leave on Friday, still very unlikely. Are you expecting 
> any campers on Thurs?  I think Julie mentioned she is headed up there on 
> Thursday.
> Jeff 
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> Please email me the size shirts you ordered ? Thanks, Did the move the 
> wedding date yet?We got OU and UT to move their date ,so it looks like the 
> couple should be able to comprmise also.?

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