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Everyone is talking about the Vanagon qualifying for the CARS program.  How?  
You have to have less than 18mpg combined mileage via EPA estimates.  Do those 
things not get 18mpg?

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Gee, I thought Mr. Obama was my friend and since he knows what's best for me I 
guess I'll turn my Vanagon in.  They told me it would to a happy place.  And 
this way your tax dollars can help me buy a new green pablum car and keep it 
full of gas and...

Thank you Obama.  Thank you Lady Bird.  Thank you FDR...

LIKE HELL!  They'll pry it from my cold dead hands!  (Unless someone gives me 
some good ol' cash for it  ;-)  )

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I blame Lady Bird Johnson...
She made getting rid of old cars popular with "Keep America Beautiful."  You 
remember with the fake indian?  Iron Eyes Cody who was Italian.
Just like a government run program, full of mis-information and lies.

On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 10:20 AM, Edward Aragon <edwarda@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I saw a early model Eurovan MV on the clunker lot at Premier Mazda wish I
had a chance to get it. RIP our good friend....

 --Edward Aragon

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Got a letter from a car dealer  yesterday...

"Congratulations!  Your 1991 Volkswagen Vanagon qualifies for the Cash for
Clunkers program..."

I wonder how many will be lost to this program...

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'91 Vanagon Carat - FOR SALE
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