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Transporters invade Central Park!  Julie suggested a camp out in the park,  I 
couldn't get Bloomberg convinced that it would be good for tourism. 

Congrats on the soon arrival of a new grandchild!  The little one will need a 
bus onesie!  http://www.dubbin-trading.com/


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Sounds like ya'll had a good trip also .Looks like
I'll be going to Brooklyn /NYC more often now, our
daughter is with child.
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> Welcome back Paul.  I too returned from a nice
> vacation.  
> The family and I went up to the NE, we drove many
> miles but saw very few buses.  One vanagon in
> upstate NY, one vanagon at the Vermont/Canadian
> customs office, and one bay in a small town in
> Western Mass.   It was our  family's first trip to
> this part of the US.  Very green and beautiful
> scenery.  A couple of nights in NYC, spent some
> quality time hanging out in Central Park and caught
> a Yankees game.
> We do live in an amazing country.  It is nice to be
> home in Texas.
>  Jeff 
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> What an awesome trip .Not my usual itinerary, but an
> interesting time anyway.Saw lots of bay and Vanagons
> in Santa Fe .Will I didn't make the bone yards ,but
> did see a Double or Single cab in a garage under a
> cover on I be live Peralta St. Thy had a cruise
> night
> on the old town square which was awesome. .Glad to
> be
> home and back on the list.Those sunsets over the
> mountains were hurting my eyes .LOL
> Paul Smith 
> H.B.B 
> T.C.B 
> Transporters at the Point 5

Paul Smith



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