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It'll run like a stuffed up nose with a stock muffler.  Also, I'm sorry to say, a plug is a plug.  Resistor plugs are great for AM/FM tunes and noise isolation but if you
want the most spark you go with non-resistors.

I run Denso Iridium's on the Mallory/MSD equipped engines.  NGK Copper Plus on the others..

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Love the name of the house.  As to the 66 muffler:  I would go with stock just for the look.  Don't think you will notice much difference in power.  As to the plugs:  I stocked up on the Bosch plugs before they went away.  Don't know what everyone is running now.

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Hello smart TCBers,

I've got a few questions. 

On my '66 I need advice about what muffler to get.  The Bus will look very stock but the engine is going to be a 1776 w/ dual carbs.  As I understand it having a stock muffler will help to lessen the effect of having a more powerful engine.  I don't want a super loud Bus and I don't want something goofy looking hanging off the back.  Someone said there is one that looks stock but will work well but he doesn't remember the name of who makes/sells it.  Does anyone know which one I'm speaking of?  Would it be a good choice?  Or is there something else any of you can recommend?

On my '71 I have non-resistored spark plugs.  My local VW shop says that they are hard to come by.  I guess NGK still makes them but Bosch does not.  Is there good reason to stick with non-resistored over resistored spark plugs?  Will non-resistored just get harder and harder to find? 

Oh and I finally have named my new home.  I was watching Gone With the Wind the other day and it came to me:  Tara Bulli.



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