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It amazes me how people don't know how to turn the ignition off.  Those are the 
same individuals who usually don't hook up their ebrake cables.

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sammie smith wrote:

As to the throttle cable:  Take it to a Toyota dealer; I hear they have an easy 
fix for that.

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for the first time since I bought it.

Accelerator cable is binding somewhere but the motor sounds good and
pulls well.

I drove it 5 feet forward then backed it up to where it was before.

Rained bad earlier, supposed to be clear tomorrow. Will pull that cable
out, load it up with grease, put it back in to see if that helps.

Should be able to get it inspected tomorrow. Then I get to start
working on the inside.

So far,

New pop-top tent (not complete, still need to attach at bottom)
New shocks
new rear brake wheel cylinders
new rubber brake lines all around
new brake shoes all around
new tires (RA08)
new steering damper 
new tail light assemblies
new side marker light assemblies
new license plate light assembly
clean and rebuild carburetor
new fuel pump
change oil (twice, old fuel pump leaked gas into the crankcase)
change transaxle oil (replaced
 with full synthetic Redline MT-90)
new oil pressure sender
new reverse light switch
dismantled and cleaned voltage regulator. (the 38 amp is made of


needed tomorrow for inspection

Make the accelerator quit sticking
install the side marker lights
install the reverse light covers and hook up the wire for them
install the rear valance and engine deck lid
install the license plate light in the deck lid

... I think that's it other than cleaning up the work area and getting
the tools and parts out of the bus



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