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  • Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2011 18:16:30 -0500

What a great vita, my dad's second prof job was at SFA.... I love the NUTS
sticker... what I wouldn't give to have an old school NTSU sweat shirt.
The gas prices sound too good to be true, but I bet the commute from Ft. W
to Denton was about 18 minutes.  I used to ride my ten speed on the acess
road from Teasley to Lake Lewisville and back in High School.... today that
would be a death sentence.  Had limited experience with the lab bands, but
my ex husband played percussion with the 1 oclock on occasion. It's still a
cutting edge ensemble, and I feel like my performance degree is a
certificate that means I made it through the gauntlet.

The accounting degree makes sense given your attention to detail. But don't
worry, I don't make enough $$$$ to need accounting advice.  Basically, if I
don't have it in my wallet, then I can't afford it... no formulas needed to
calculate that equation.

On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 5:00 PM, sammie smith

> Well, they were a bit after my time.  I graduated from NTSU with a degree
> in accounting in 63 and with an MBA in accounting in 65.  Most of my time
> spent at NT was spent commuting from Ft. Worth in various VWs.  If I
> remember correctly I went through a 61, 62, 63 and 65 during theat time.
> This will really blow your mind:  Commuting round trip was a 60 mile day, 5
> days a week; my budget for gas for the week was $2 per week.  Gas was $.17
> per gallon and the VWs got 31-35 mpg driving highway 377 every day. Taught
> my first college class of beginning accounting at NTSU as a grad assistant
> in the fall of 64.  Taught after that at Kilgore College, University of
> Arkansas, both as a grad teaching assistant and later as full time faculty,
> and at A&M-Kingsville as Chair of the Accounting Dept, A&M-Commerce, and
> Stephen F. Austin State Univ as Chair of the Accounting Dept (which is now a
> School of Accounting.)  Retired from as SFA in 06 and still have an office
> on campus as Regents Professor Emeritus of Accounting.  When I first started
> to NT it was still NTSC then changed to NTSU I think in 61.  One of my
> fellow students took one of the NTSU stickers from the bookstore and
> rearranged the letters to NUTS and put them on his briefcase.  And until you
> reminded me I had forgotten they had changed the name again to UNT.
> And yep, I was one of those people that got to listen to Professor Graham's
> lab band in what was then the student union building.  I even had a course
> in music appreciation under Professor Graham.
> And one other music note from NT:  Don't know if you know Ray Hair:  But he
> lives in Denton, is an old bus enthusiast, has a degree in music from NT and
> is the Exec Director or some such title of the musician's union.  He also
> buys and sells busses on e-bay a lot.
> And don't anyone ask an accounting question of me, and that includes tax.
> But I will answer VW questions.
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>  Sammie,
> WOW small world.  My dad has been at NTSU/UNT since 1980 and taught BCIS. I
> even remember going to the big ceremony when they changed the name... even
> though it had poor implications for KNTSU, the radio station. His name is
> Wayne Spence.  My mom was at TWU in the mid 80's doing child development,
> then finished at UNT doing computer science, her name is Jan Spence. I
> avoided UNT like the plague, but then came back and did a Masters in Music
> Performance in '00, which qualifies me to wait tables.
> Where were you a prof?
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>   Hey Carl:  I am also a retired prof, but not from NTSU or TWU.  But I
> have two degrees from NTSU.  Were they profs at NTSU and if so what did they
> teach?
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> UNT or TWU, if we get the address we can look up at least the home owner on
> the tax rolls and go from there. Grew up in Denton, and both my parents are
> retired profs and would love nothing better than to do some detective work
> for us!!
> On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 9:00 PM, Ronnie Hughes 
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> > wrote:
>  Spotted across the street my daughter's sorority house in Denton.  Nice
> bus.  Looks to be OG paint with very little rust.  I left the owner a note.
> Hope he calls.

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