[tcb] Howdy Everyone

  • From: Ronnie Hughes <fracdogii@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2009 19:39:13 -0800 (PST)

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years.  Sounded like a bunch of you 
had nice holidays.  We stayed at home in College Station and were generally 
pretty boring.
I've been working on Krusty the last few weeks.  I hooked up the heaters on 
Krusty and got quite a surprise.  Pecans, grass, sticks, etc.  Looks liks 
somebody had made a nice little nest in my heater pipes.  
Trey, to answer your question abour door seals - I've done Sparky and Krusty 
twice with seals from Bus Depot and Wolfsurg West and none of them fit very 
well.  I redid Krusty's because the ones I got from Bus Depot fit so poorly.  
I've had the seals in Krusty now for 6 months and they aren't any better now 
than before.  If anyone knows a secret, I'm interested also.
Thank you Denis for not rubbing it in when your Ducks killed my Cowboys.  I 
almost took my OSU sticker off Krusty after that.
My van had an interesting problem recently.  Driving along, all the sudden the 
power steering stopped working.  Got home checked it out, the belt was broken.  
Replaced the belt and then the water pump started making all kinds of racket.  
Bought a new water pump and belt, started taking everything apart and found my 
extra set of keys that were hidden in a magnetic box in the engine compartment 
had lodged at the bottom in between the pulleys, knocking the power steering 
belt off, making it sound like the water pump was bad.  
Dan & Katrina, sorry to hear about Thor.  Our pets become a big part of our 
lives after a few years.  Our dog, Roxy, is 12 years old.  She is kinda like 
me, if we set around too much, we can hardy get up.


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