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  • Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2010 20:16:20 -0500

A little peek at what you missed at PB if you weren't there.


71Westy@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Rubber Boots Rule!...going to get me a set,  maybe paint them too...

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James and I made it back to central Texas in the wee hours.

I am chigger bite free. You all should dress like me. Them tall boots look good and must have kept the critters off of me.

I had a blast but then again so did Barbie, but I don't think she enjoyed it.

Thanks Denis and Jan for the happening and June and Mike for the Chili's dinner and of course Sue for always going above and beyond.

It was great seeing old friends and making some new ones. I hope everyone made it home safely.


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