[tcb] Hi everybody! I talked to Paul today

  • From: "Denis Dodson" <coocoo@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2008 21:09:15 -0600

I talked to Paul tonight. I didn't know if I should, thinking that he must be 
busy with all the other calls wishing him the best, but I did and I guess it 
was OK. He sounded in good spirits, just like Paul. His kids are here, his 
daughter from New York, so Lois won't be alone.

He's glad that his doctor ran this last test, he said that he doubted Paul 
needed it, but he ran it anyway and found one vessel with almost complete 

Paul doesn't have a laptop, so we won't hear from him directly for a while. I 
guess that, when all goes well, he will be out of ICU in a day or two. He told 
me that Joe had a whole bunch of laptops, but sold them all and wouldn't give 
one to Paul. 

He did say how he felt about what good friends he has. 

I am just out from under Jan's late Dad's stamp collection. I have spent 7 
days, from early morning to late at night trying to categorize and put in some 
kind of order these thousands of stamps. We took them to a show in Oklahoma 
City, and over the course of two days, found that the stuff I had worked my 
butt off had no real value, except to a small and select group, but the stuff 
in some ratty and broken spined old albums were worth the most. I didn't pay 
any attention to those ratty books at all! In one case, part of the stamps I 
had worked so hard on were held in an old cigar box with a broken lid. Almost 
every dealer who looked in that box told me the friggin' box was worth quite a 
bit, if I could find the part of the broken lid.

I guess the moral is, don't throw anything away.

Now I can get back to working on Murray. I told some of the stamp dealers that 
I could tell them the difference between the suspension of a '63 bus and a '64 
and how to adjust the springplates on a swing axel and they just stared at me. 
I have no idea what I am looking at with a stamp. Old paper with bright colors. 
When I used to do TV commercials I had to learn that there were 4 different 
kinds of ice and how each melted under movie lights. This is knowledge that I 
will never use again. I hope soon to liquidate this entire stamp collection and 
deal with Murray's wobbly crank pulley.

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