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I agree with Denis, the firing order is off.  Your firing order is 1-4-3-2.  
Looking at the engine compartment, the cylinder closest to the front of the car 
on the right is #1. #2 is the other on the right side.  #3 is closest to the 
front on the left and #4 is the other.  There should be cylinder numbers 
stamped on the tin (if you have original VW engine tin)

Anyway, there's an easy way to get out of this mess.  Rotate the engine by hand 
until the TDC timing marks line up with the split in your engine case.  At that 
point you are either at firing point for #1 or #3.  Pop the cap off of the 
distributor and see where the rotor is .. Above that on the cap should be the 
#1 or #3 wire.  Adjust your wires clockwise on the cap based on that.  Now, you 
have a 50 50 chance this way.  If you want to be 100% sure pop off the right 
side valve cover for #1/#2 side and make sure that both rockers are up for #1.  
If not, rotate the engine 360 degrees until the rockers are up.  By "Up" I mean 
not opening either the intake or exhaust valve.  YOu should also have .006" of 
clearance between the top of the valve and the rocker arm, measured with a 
feeler gauge.  At that point
you know you're at #1, TDC and the rotor will need to point to the #1 spark 
plug position.  The rotor runs clockwise so clockwise from #1, will be #4, then 
opposite #1 will be #3 and finally #2.

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After buying the bently manual the other paul smith and i were going to do a 
compression test, and why not change the spark plugs while were at it. Took out 
all 4plugs. Properly labeled wires. Read thatengine should be warm so we were 
going to put in new plugs and run her a bit. Battery was dead so we charged it. 
Today it wont run at all. Put old plugs back in to see if e could even get her 
running, but no go. We double checked the timing. Will turn over w starter, but 
yhe air filter is puffing out with a hissing noise. Help. 

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