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  • From: Eric Woodall <eric@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006 12:13:07 -0600

Dan and Trey have the same tires (maybe others).
Dan convinced me that these were the ones to get...
First off, they are light truck tires with load rating and re-enforced sidewall. My bus already has loosey steering, so I would wander all over the road with the old tires.
These really made a difference on the wind loading, etc.
I love them. The only problem with them is that they are taller than the other 185's I used to have. With the tires being taller and my bus being lowered, the rub the front wheel wells when hitting bumps at speed... Not too bad, but I did think about raising my bus back up to stock height but it wouldn't fit in the garage with a roof rack if I did that.

Sharon Chamberlain wrote:
Tell us again Eric why these tires are better,how did it improve your ride? /-------Original Message-------/ /*From:*/ Eric Woodall <mailto:eric@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
/*Date:*/ 12/28/2006 10:41:54 AM
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/*Subject:*/ [tcb] Re: Havau
Scaredy Cat!
I wouldn't even hesitate taking my beast...
Most of the fun of the journey is taking it easy in a Split Bus.
Hell, mine is pretty comfortable to drive too...
Those Hankook tires made all the difference in the world!
> oh, she was giving you credit alright. i was the butt of the joke but in
> all
> honesty i would be afraid of driving hershey 3000 miles like that. don't
> have my back up parts in order yet.
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>>Subject: [tcb] Re: Havau
>>Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2006 08:08:24 -0800 (PST)
>>That was me, not Brain!  Darn, when I give a compliment I at least want
>>credit for it!
>>   Sammie
>>Sharon Chamberlain <iluvvws@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:iluvvws@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>>         v\:* {behavior:url (#default#vml);}      v\:* {   BEHAVIOR: url
>>(#default#vml) } Yeah Brian- YOUNGSTERS ! Got that. Claudia
>>and Dennis are driving their 63 sundial and they are both older than us,
>> so
>>I guess they're just youngsters too. Now Maybe I'll have a little more
>>   -------Original Message-------
>>     From: sammie smith
>>   Date: 12/28/2006 9:57:48 AM
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>>   Subject: [tcb] Havau
>>   Gerald:  Many thanks for the input on Havasu!  Think you have
>> convinced
>>me.  Assuming that I go will trailer the 66 pop top Westy.  Appears
>> Havasu
>>would be perfect for the 66.  Lots of patina and the only trophy it has
>>ever won was for the "ugliest" vehicle. Mechanically perfect but I'm not >>driving a split Westy 3,000 miles. I'll leave that for the youngsters in
>>the crowd like Steve and Sharon.  Route will probably be Nacogdoches to
>>Austin, 290 to Junction, I-10 to wherever to turn off for Havasu.  Will
>>leave the northern route for the snow birds.
>>   Sidebar Gerald:  Can't keep up with everyone on this list, where are
>> you
>>   Also,do I have your permission to print your Havasu story in our East
>>Tex VW newsletter?  (with appropriate edits of course)  We are old
>>fashioned, we have one of the last remaining hardcopy VW club newsletters
>>left around, at least in these parts.
>>   Sammie
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