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Sharron does Steve have any crash test dummies in his family tree?

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Sammie you are a trouble maker, I just started thinking about it I guess he's 
wrecked all of them -all that run. Yeah he teaches drivers training and safety 
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Sharon:  How many of your cars has Steve wrecked?

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sounds like an adventure Gerald, glad your home in one piece. You were at least 
prepared for everything, we sure hated to miss it but I get nervous on ice, 
Steve totaled my Volvo years ago on ice right at the corner by our house.I  
love the rainbow pic.
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    From: Gerald V. Livingston II
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  Subject: [tcb] Havasu Trip report -- part 2

  I was between El Paso and Ft Stockton on Tuesday morning coming home. By
  the time I got past Ft Stockton the signs were up that I-10 was closed from
  Sonora to San Antonio.
  I-10 between Ft Stockton and Sonora seemed OK because of the big trucks
  keeping the right lane pretty much clear. Then I screwed up and exited for
  fuel before I got to Sonora because I figured it would be a cluster-f$%@
  right there at the point they were stopping everyone. The turn onto the
  entrance ramp was the biggest slide of my trip -- at 5mph. I made the turn
  and the Rivi just kept right on going on the road behind me. I got lucky
  and caught a dry spot before it could drag the ass end of the truck to far
  off my trajectory.
  Turns out Sonora wasn't so bad after all. That kinda sucked.
  I got to Sonora and went north to El Dorado up 227 (yeah, weird but the
  weather/ice was worse to the south than to the north, the roads to the
  south were closed).
  Headed down Hwy 190/Hwy 87 towards Fredericksberg. Doing fine until the sun
  went down. When that happened the melting flakes that had been falling on
  the road all day created an instant 1/2" of ice.
  The *SECOND* time the Riviera tried to come around and be the lead vehicle
  I just found me a pull-out beside the road and stopped. *22* miles from
  Luckily, I was on my way home from a weekend cold-weather camping trip. I
  just went back to the bus and fired up a heater and the stove and made
  myself some coffee. Then I went back to the truck and fired up the laptop
  and watched the last 6 episodes of Supernatural season 1. I slept in the
  truck running it a few minutes when it'd get cold enough to notice. All my
  camping gear in "Wal-Mart tubs" was in the Rivi and it would have been a
  pain in the rear to pull them out so I could sleep in the bus. I had 10
  gallons of spare fuel in cans in the back just in case. I tend to take back
  roads on my trips and sometimes don't see a gas station for a LONG time.
  After the sun came up I discovered Hwy 87 is not a good place to be in icy
  weather. I thought I was going to have to spend another night there because
  there wasn't enough traffic to break up the ice so I could drive again. I
  finally was able to head out about 10:45 driving 15 - 20 mph with the truck
  in low gear. I only lost traction and started sliding a couple of times
  during the 1 hour+ that it took me to go the 22 miles into Fredericksberg.
  I know how to drive on ice but it has been MANY years.
  290 from F-berg to Austin was still bad in a few places. Mostly spots where
  there are fields for open grazing on both sides of the road so the wind
  kept re-freezing the road.
  Once in Austin I had to adjust my trajectory a couple of times due to ramp
  closures. That's why I love my GPS on the laptop. 17" screen so you can SEE
  what the map is showing you without really looking away from the road.
  Took 71 down to I-10 because I had Eric's roof-rack to deliver in Houston
  and I wasn't sure what 190 across Lake Livingston would be like. That was
  all pretty clear sailing. Still raining as I got closer to home but no ice.
  Anyway, work beckons (17 hours/day through the 29th, downside to my little
  There are a few (bad) photos of the campout and trip at
  http://www.phorce1.us/bbbxi/. It was a bit chilly in AZ (high 20's) so I
  was more interested in keeping hands in pockets than holding the camera.


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