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Hi there,

I don't think we know each other yet, and I'm pretty new to this list
and Texas, but I live in San Antonio and if you are still here and want
to get away for a beer or some idle Bus chat, I can be there for you.
My E-mail is pcalbar@xxxxxxxxxxx and my phone number is (210)559-1214.
I went through the loss of my father a few months ago and know how tough
it is.

Good luck with your healing,


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You are all great people, but you should know about an exceptional pair.
My wife, Jan, lost both her father and her brother in a tragic turn of
events and we have been in San Antonio for 9 days handling gruesome
funeral and police and bank details. So who shows up here yesterday but
Dan and Katrina. We spent the day at the Alamo, me trying to prove to
Dan that my ancestors personally founded Texas, the girls went shopping
and we ate pretty good Mexican food and they made us laugh. We laughed
alot. These people drove six hours just to spend four hours with us.

Aside from Dan's cult thing he has going with Mac, he is he a really
good guy. I can't think of an "aside" for Kat she is just fabulous.

So now you know.

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