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Only 3???  

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So my Wife was driving the Super into the driveway when the trailing arm fell 
off and sheared off 2 CV bolts in the process. One bolt was stuck in the axle 
and the tip was stuck in the flange around the tranny. 

Damn what aPITA but we got it fixed . That took all Saturday then Colin showed 
up Sun and we installed my taco plate, chopped off part of the dip stick, 
installed Dakota Digital gauge complete with dimmer function, hooked up my seat 
heater from the seats I got from SewFine, damn my but got hot in less than 10 
min! Fixed the helicoil issue, fixed my aux battery charging issue and finished 
coating my belly pans for the 23 Window. 

So do I have OCD because I own 3 VWs or do I 3 VWs because I have OCD??? 

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