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 YUK          i can be trusted .    Larry moves to slow, now days

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perhaps Larry will babysit Terry ; )  what do ya say, Larry? can you keep an 
eye on Terry for us.......

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Cool trip report Shirley!
So, is Larry going to be the baby sitter at the next campout?

rley hall wrote:

Well the weather was not very nice but 5 busses braved it out for the “Hitting 
on all Cylinders” Show last Saturday. Terry and Larry showed up in Larry’s 79 
Westy.  Danna and Scott arrived in their 62 Deluxe.  Steve and Sharon drove 
there 67 Westy.  Ray and Paula caught up with us in there 66 split.  I drove my 
72 bay.


We cruised about 20 minutes into Godley along a scenic route Paula and Ray 
really enjoyed.


We got a few long looks as we cruised into the show ground but we quickly 
welcomed by the show participants.  As I was setting out a few things, two 
little girls jumped in the bus and started checking it out.  I look over at 
Steve and Sharon’s bus and two little boys had jumped into their bus and were 
checking it out.  They were cute to listen to and no harm in letting the 
investigate VW’s.  They could catch the fever, ya never know….


After visiting with some of the other car owners, and some shopping, we all 
went to the local diner to have lunch.  Terry turned out to be a real baby 
magnet.  He was really great at calming 5 month old Ozzie, Scott and Dana’s 
son, allowing Dana to get a chance to enjoy lunch.


We wandered back to the car show just before 2pm.  There was an announcement 
that the judges were just about finished with tallying the votes.  We all 
looked at each other, surprised that there wa
s voting!  None of had received ballots when we registered or even bothered to 
ask.  I guess we all thought it was a show and shine kinda thing.  Well, we 
were too late but it didn’t seem to matter in the end.   Dana and Scott 
received third place in the top 10 People’s Choice.  Steve and Sharon took 
Judge’s Choice Best of Show!  Congrats to them all.  Lots of fun.  Looking 
forward to the next small town show.



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