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This response from a lady who just spent a week in Hawaii?

At 06:40 PM 1/3/2006, you wrote:
Oh yeah I think we should open it up for everyone- even bugs that stay at motels ( if they're not all full) or tents- we know they can't help it if they're not cool buses- hehe. I told Paul to ask Joe and we'll call him too. I am so jealous of you guys taking that trip- I want to go somewhere- anywhere. Are you going to post pics?

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From Steve.

Count us in!
Katrina asked jerry reed to join us as well.
I guess 1 ghia wont ruin everything.

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Dennis & Claudia Holbrook, Larry, Terry, Mike & Carol R., Mike E. (maybe a few others by Feb.) and Sharon & I are planning to go camping in Galveston during Madi Gras Feb 24-26. Dennis' buddy, Ronnie is also going with some of his friends and plans to have a big shrimp /crawfish boil on the beach Saturday afternoon. Dennis is reserving about five RV spots at Galveston State Park (where we were last year). Let us know if you plan to join us so Ronnie can get enough shrimp and Dennis can reserve enough RV spots. Ronnie is the one that cooks at Dennis' Turkey Drop every year. We will collect $5 per person to cover the cost of food for anyone wanting to join us to eat and split the cost of the RV spot between two campers. There is a parade at 10 am in Galveston Saturday and after lunch anyone wanting to go to Madi Gras can go with Dennis & Claudia to the Strand. The weekend should be a great time. Let me know if you can make it or if you know anyone else that might want to join us.


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