[tcb] Friday night chili cook-off at T@P4

  • From: Katrina Martin <k.d.martin@xxxxxxx>
  • To: tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2007 19:16:22 -0500

Tell me what ya'll think.

Friday Chili Cook Off - You can cook chili, or be a judge!

I was thinking about a chili cook-off on Friday night.
Make everyone that enters pay $5.00 to enter, all money goes to the Morgan's Point Resort Police Dept.
Then have a few judges, ones that aren't cooking.
Charge a dollar for a bowl of chili.
Paul can eat all the chili he wants, his is free.
I think some saltine crackers, dinner rolls, and a dessert would be good also. Anyone could bring that stuff.

Breakfast tacos for Sat. morning.
Bring at least 2 of these items and keep them in your cooler until Saturday morning, please:
(eggs or) egg beaters, sausage,cheese,tortillas,milk, or OJ.

Saturday night MPRPD serving food.

Sunday no time for cooking. Get your own breakfast (sweet rolls,donuts, or something quick n' easy)! That sounds kinda rude, maybe we could come up with something.

Katrina & Dan Martin
71'bus "Homer"

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