[tcb] Re: Finally got my Westy

  • From: Kirk <slammedcustom@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 13:55:55 -0800 (PST)

Nope, but not for its lack of trying. After I hooked up to it, and got ready to 
go home I checked it one last time, and found the cat laying in the back on the 
cushion sunning it self. That would have been an interesting 315 mile ride home 
for one cat. 

--- On Mon, 11/9/09, Gerald Livingston <gerald.tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

From: Gerald Livingston <gerald.tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [tcb] Re: Finally got my Westy
To: tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Monday, November 9, 2009, 12:46 PM

Did you get to keep the cat?


On Mon, 9 Nov 2009 07:29:31 -0800 (PST)
Kirk <slammedcustom@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Well, its not a Split (loses half the crowd) but its something I've
> wanted a long time. A late Westy Camper in Sage Green. It needs work,
> but the interior is nearly perfect, the wife and kid love it, and it
> has new pop top canvas. Wanted to show the kid the joys of VW camping
> before she got too old to think it was cool anymore. Its been parked
> in the back yard for a week, and she keeps asking me to go out and
> pop the top so she can "get in her room". Super stoked. Anyway,
> thought I would share. I know there is no attachments, but links are
> okay, right? I have tons more pics. Hope to have it in running,
> reliable camping shape for the spring.
> http://www.aircoolers.org/v/showthread.php?t=13186


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