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       Julie       Oh you silver tongued devil you    & my 6 grandkids can whip 
your twins       lol          Terry

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The beautiful thing about my VW/Bus/TCB/Aircooler family is that we are made up 
of an amazingly diverse group. Some of us are wonderfully liberal and some of 
us are wonderfully conservative, some of us have been on this planet many years 
gaining knowledge and some of us are younger, some of us get grease under our 
nails and some of us pay other to get grease under their nails, some are pure 
stock while others pimp their rides. Some of us have higher degrees and some of 
us went to the school of hard knocks. Some of us have no kids, some have young 
kids, some have older kids even some grandkids. This variety makes it oh so 

I, for one, have never carried a hippie card and I never will. But I would 
think in theory that one who carries one would be more accepting, more 
understanding and would say "Hey man, if you got to go, you got to go, safe 
journey, see you the next time, peace."

I camped for three nights.  I did not leave any earlier than I planned to 
leave.  I left Sunday morning because I had a long drive ahead of me and had 
some stops to make along the way.

I invited folks to gather at my campsite for a hot bowl of soup for lunch on 
Friday and for campfires on both Friday and Saturday nights. The fire was 
extinguished well after 9pm both nights.  We would have stayed up later if we 
had known that anyone was interested but that did not appear to be the case.

I wish the state park could be what it used to be before Hurrican Ike. It was 
much easier to have the whole group together with a big bonfire in the middle.  
Or at least I wish they would fix the sites so that they don't go under water 
because of a few hours of rain.  I wish everyone stayed perfectly dry and warm 
and nobody's comfort level was challenged.  The stars did not align for this 
Bulli Gras but I had fun even if it didn't go as I hope.  

I wish I could make it to the Blooming Good Show but I don't think I will be 
able to.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone again at The Classic, rain or 
shine or whatever happens it will be a great happening.


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  Well clearly this is just my opinion. We finally got all set up and cracked a 
beer, ready to wander about and socialize but by then everybody was asleep! At 
frickin' 9pm! It was just weird. It was like camping with my parents. 

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Comments on this list may not be the opinion of all participants.

Paul Smith
Transporters@The Point 8 
October 7,8 and 9 ,2011
Morgan's Point Resort Texas

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 Well you were not the only quitter! Fortunately, I brought my weather radio. 
N.O.A.A. National Weather service. They are some no-jive no-hype serious 
weather forecasters. I knew it would be too crazy windy to be driving home and 
that it would clear up and be sunny. 
  So there we were, enjoying great weather on Sunday all by ourselves. 
  Buncha unprepared quitters. 
  Frankly, I expected more from all of you. Poppin' yer Geritols and passing 
out at 9pm. Seriously! What was that?!  Somebody needs to be pulling your 
hippie cards. 
  If you are too tired to stay out tonight, think how you'll feel at 70. 
  Seize the day. Buy an umbrella and a propane heater. 
  I can't believe so many of you drove so far just to turn tail and run from a 
little water. 

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Well, I admit that I was a quitter.  I woke up saturday morning to frigid 
temps, gusting winds and when I stepped out of my bus into a 6" deep lagoon 
(that I named Lake Julie,) I gave up on the whole thing!

I left Galveston and experienced super HIGH winds on I-45, the Sam Houston 
Tollway AND I-10 as I put puttered toward SA.  Sometimes it seemed like the bus 
might actually be blown off of some of those high bridges! Scary.

Finally out of harms way, my bus was laboring along I-10 against head winds 
when it just lost all power and died somewhere just east of Schulenburg.  After 
a brief time diagnosing....I realized it was just the points. Of course I did 
NOT have a replacement set.  Wrecker arrives and my bus got to spend saturday 
night in Schulenburg at the auto parts store because they didn't have ANY 
points that even remotely resembled the ones I needed.

My new bride drove from SA to pick me up and I was safe at home by 5:00 pm.  We 
hooked up the trailer and drug my bus home the next morning, no problemo. 

Notes to Self:
1. Never camp with Julie again, even if she PROMISES the weather is gonna be 
nice.  Or at least remember to pack hurricane clothing appropriate for 
Galveston Island when camping ON Galveston Island!
2. ALWAYS carry an extra set of points, condensor etc.
3. Expect the unexpected because VW's are very dependable.  You can depend on 
them to break down at the worst possible moment...

All in all, it was still a great weekend and quite an adventure!  Denis, thanks 
for the Sausage and Egg biscuit. You're a lifesaver! I'll see everyone in 

James Oliver


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