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Maybe a trip to Arkansas in the fall,
Neil's is one of my favorite breakfast places in Springdale.
Did you hear that Denis? Big party in the fall when all the leaves change.
Around let's say, October 13-15. Just jokin' Paul.


On Sep 4, 2006, at 12:29 AM, singlecabboy wrote:

Great job Kat , I'm ready to go again right now.If we start now, we can make Neil's by breakfast. --- Katrina Martin <k.d.martin@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Day 1: We left H town about 2PM on 45N. Hit a little
traffic going
over the bridge near Research Forest(Woodlands). Gas
was $2.55 right
over the bridge, Ronnie you better get some.
Then we got on Hwy 19 in Huntsville. Everything was
going peachy
until the accelerator cable broke in Trinity,near
Lovelady. So we
pulled over to the side of the road, on a HOT HOT
asphalt road. It
was about 4PM. Dan had a new accelerator cable, so
he whips it out
and goes to the engine cover and proceeds to fix the
bus. Dan was
just sweating his butt off really bad trying to fix
Homer. Then
finally I told him, lets just call Triple AAA, we
both are just
getting too hot. Heck let AAA tow us to a parking
lot in the shade
that would be better than standing in the HOT
scolding sun. I called
AAA, the lady said a tow truck will be there in
45-50 minutes. Good
we are gonna get a tow truck. Then Denis calls, I
said,"What"? I
handed the phone immediately to Dan. Denis had no
idea we were coming
to Arkansas or that we were broke down. Dan got off
of the phone and
told me Denis still has no idea we are coming to
Eureka. Then all of
a sudden, Dan went back to the engine cover and put
the rod into the
fan shroud then pulled the accelerator cable
through. Guess what
happened then??? Dan did it!!! As soon as the tow
truck pulled up!!!
We then decided after that fiasco we were going to
stop in Canton,
almost half way to Denis'. Got there at 9:45PM,
drove up to a motel,
checked in then ordered a pizza from Pizza Inn. Well
Pizza Inn
stopped delivering at 8:45PM, it was 8:50PM. Left
the motel and
picked up the pizza, then proceeded back to the
motel. Sleep, then,
Steve called at 11:30,then 1:30,then 2:30,, so we
got a little sleep
I guess.

Day 2: Got up at 4:15AM. Headed out about 4:45PM on
19...  Stopped in
Paris for breakfast at the Main Street Cafe, good
food, cops seem to
like it. So there was about 6 cops that sit down to
eat as soon as we
got our food. We eat then go. Then we proceed on 19,
passing by many
small towns. Got on Hwy 271 then Hwy 540 then Hwy
412.It started
raining right before we got to Denis' at 1:00PM.
Smith, Joe Smith,Mike, & June were all at Denis' old
gas station.
Mike & June had just gotten there a few minutes
before we did. Steve
was doing some work on the Zone. So everyone was
standing around
watching Steve work on Paul's single cab. Then Dan &
I went to Denis'
house. There were 2 other people at Denis', Lloyd &
Lisa, they were
friends of Steve's. Paul & Joe went to Eureka
Springs to check into
the Joy Motel. Jan got home about 4PM and started
getting everything
ready for the party. Denis went to the store to get
something to make
for dinner. He got a pork loin,bread, & carrots.
About 8PM or 9PM
Andrew & Debbie showed up. They had HUGE bottle of K
hard cider for
Denis. We all sat around, ate pork loin, and talked
about all of the
losers that didn't come to Denis' party. Not really
but we could
have. Just making sure ya'll are still paying
attention to this trip
report. We sat around all night talking politics,
then we all got
naked and got in the hot tub! Then Dan & I went to
bed about
midnight, we were tired from getting up at 4:15AM.

Day 3: Got up at 7AM. Jan made coffee. Dan & I went
to Chad's for
breakfast, so did Mike, June,Andrew, & Debbie. After
we all ate they
headed up to Eureka Springs for the show. Dan & I
went back to Denis'
house so we could get ready for the show. First Dan
had to fix the
accelerator cable, he went up to Denis' old gas
station to put Homer
up on the lift. So I took a shower while Denis & him
went up to the
gas station. Dan got back and Denis went to Eureka
Springs. We got to
the show about 11:45AM. Couldn't find a parking
space, parked in
front of bar/house around the corner of the show. We
talked to Mike &
June. Listen to this, when Mike got to the show they
would not let
him enter, said he was too late to enter the Thing.
Mike told them
that he pre-registered, and they were gonna let him
enter the show.
They let him enter the show. Talked with Joe Smith,
the one with the
sharp black bug. I got to see Brian's pride & joy,
chatted with his
Dad and got to meet his wife. Talked to
Sammy,Beverly,Sharon, &
Steve. Sammy has a nice panel bus, but he still
needs some pies or
cakes.(Real ones,not fake ones) Steve & Sharon
invited us to their
motel room to eat & cool down. Went to their room
and did just that,
chilled & filled. Thank you Steve & Sharon! All of a
sudden we saw
Denis in the room, he was wondering who was riding
with him on the
parade. Mike and June also invited Dan & I to ride
with them.
Decisions decisions. Then I decided to ride with
Denis. Dan then
decided to ride with Denis in Ruby (Denis's ghia). I
road in the back
of the ghia, sitting on the engine cover. I did the
princess wave the
whole time, everyone loved it. One chic even told me
how to improve
it,"Wave slower", she said. Other people just
giggled and waved back.
I always have such a great time during the parade.
Steve was behind
us, so that was neat, we had a ghia he had a ghia.
After the parade
some of us went to Chuck & Sue's room and had a beer
,and I admired
their patio. They have the best motel room. Thanks
for letting Dan &
I hang out and stink up things. Steve followed Dan &
me back to
Denis' house. Jan & Sue made pork tacos for dinner.
After we all ate
I got in the Hot tub. Brian & his wife showed up for
a few minutes.
Then Dan & I went to bed at 1AM.

Day 4: We took our time getting up and packed
slowly, then headed out
to Neil's Restaurant for some breakfast.
Denis,Chuck,Sue,Paul, Joe,
Andrew,and Debbie had breakfast with us.
Got on the road about 10:15AM, Paul followed us. Joe
was happy to
hear that, he could go 70MPH all the way home. At
11:45 right before
Slalom Springs there was one hell of a rain storm.
Stopped at a
convenience store on the side of the road in
Westview,OK. Paul had
mentioned stopping at a cool place to take a picture
of the Zone &
Homer. So we stopped at a old railroad station in
Stilwell,OK. Can
you believe gas was only $2.53 at the Walmart in
Stilwell?( Hwy 59)
Then at 1:20PM headed toward Poteau on Hwy 271. Dan
noticed the Zone
spitting out some smoke in the rear view mirror,
sure enough
something was wrong with the Zone. In Snow,OK Paul
pulled over and we
just happened to be at a B-B-Que & convenience store
parking  lot,
it was closed though. The Zone's valve cover gasket
had to be
replaced. Paul got under the Zone and replaced it in
about 20
minutes. We had two guys stop and ask if they could
help. All of a
sudden the people that own the B-B-Q store pulled
up. They asked if
we needed any help, then asked if we wanted a beer.
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