[tcb] Re: Electronic Ignition

  • From: Shakey Spudman <dblcab67@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 12:37:24 -0600

Like I told you before Fred you need a good carb. A good german rebuilt.
Read the samba threads on the bulletproof carbs. Stay away from new
brazilian or mexican junk. A new set of points properly gapped will last
12000 miles at least. It sounds to me like your chasing your tail. Remember
sometimes you have two or three problems going on at the same time. Fixing
one does not fix all. But if you want to throw more money at an electronic
setup go ahead. Remember down the road if you forget what lead goes where
and hook it up backwards-poof-there it goes. But you do get to witness what
$100 in smoke looks like.


On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 11:35 AM, Justin <sunbugone@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>  If it still has the stock distributor (vacuum advance). Then buy a
> pertronix unit that fits the stock distributor.  The style of carburetor
> will come into play as well. The brosol H30/31 carbs do not run well with
> certain distributors. I usually throw 009 distributors in the garbage. Just
> my two cents
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> On Feb 16, 2011, at 11:12 AM, "Fred McDonald" <texasbluebus@xxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>    1) Where is Automotive Machine?
> 2) I have a stock 1600 single port motor with an alternator.
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> Fred    you know Automotive Machine sells a set  much cheaper & if you give
> them a few min.    they will put them in your dist. for you if you wish
> terry
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> Subject: [tcb] Electronic Ignition
>   I want to convert to electronic ignition,
> http://www2.cip1.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=NFD%2D5600%2DBL
> This is the kit I’m considering.
> Any thoughts?

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