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I have worked in dozens of 7-11s. We usually closed them and worked at night. We would literally fill the place up with giant movie lights and sound and film equipment. Outside we would have barriers closing the parking lot and there would be big 5 ton trucks and a huge mobile generator truck. Then we would have a barrier in front of the door with a sign saying that the store would be open tomorrow. Inside it would be well over 100 degrees most of the time because we had to shut off the AC for sound.

So there is this banging on the door, so we stop action (Cut!) and there is a woman there demanding a pack of cigarettes and a 2 liter Coke. We tell her that the store is closed and she goes nuclear, "7-11s DON'T CLOSE!" We just gave her a bottle and a carton of cigs to get her to go away.

With all the cables and barriers we still had to post a couple of people in the parking lot to keep people away.

Oh yeah, we used a Thing in the commercial. (VW content)

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Yeah, I did a 'Big Gulp' when I saw that! Naw, he used to do a lot of advertising (makin' videos n'stuff) for them AND Zales... KAT, we ordered Fatal Justice from Blockbusters last summer and are STILL waiting for it!

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Denis works at 711?

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