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Jersey city


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Close.   This mural is on  a restaurant with California in its  name and
it's not California pizza kitchen.  It is also on a street that is in the
monopoly game.  The city where you can find it is named after the state it's
in.   The ocean view outside is spectacular and the ocean name is the same
as the street name where you will find the restaurant with the mural.

Definitely a rare bus...  

Wow this apostrophe thing works...

Whoda thunk it.

On Feb 23, 2011 9:26 PM, "sammie smith" <bugcollections@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> You are in Malibu.  Or some similar spot in southern CA
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> Bus content....  where am I?  Hint.  I'm by the ocean and it's cold.  Note
the apostrophe for it is.

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