[tcb] Center Pin/ Bus registered

  • From: "Denis Dodson" <coocoo@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <tcb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 12:33:47 -0500

Derrick from Wayout (that crook!) is coming to my shop tomorrow with his 
reaming tool and a kit to do the work. He prefers to do the work under my lift 
since everyone says that the center pin work is a pain in the ass because you 
have to do it on your back. I think that I could do it with a brake cylinder 
reamer, but for under $100 to have a guy who has done it 50 times and has the 
tools to come to your house and do it sounds a little hard to beat.

I wonder what it is like to drive a bus without 5" of freeplay in the steering. 
I'll put it in a ditch with over steer.

I went down to the Revenue Office to get new tags for Murray. I wanted Antique 
tags so I won't have to re-new each year. I had to know Murray's license 
number, have an assessment ( that was at a desk across the room, took about 15 
minutes) and registration to show that I had another "real" car. That's all. 
They handed over new plates. Oh, and I had to pay. $9.75.

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