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70 something Datsun hatchback (?)
67 VW bug
62 VW bug
85 Ford Probe
87 Nissan sentra
89 Nissan maxima
87 BMW 733i
91 Toyota Camry
92 Toyota Camry
94 VW Jetta
94 Nissan quest
92 BMW 525i
93 BMW 525i wagon
99 BMW 323i
99 Chevy Tahoe
95 BMW 530i
99 Nissan Pathfinder
00 Ford Expedition
71 VW Super Vert
*62 VW 15 Window
67 VW 11 win std.
87 Mercedes 190D
01 Mercedes E320
06 Mercedes R350
99 Mercedes E55
01 Jaguar XJ8
97 Mercedes SL 500
*01 suburban
*08 Mercedes E350

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Many of the eary cars I owned never lasted for than a few months.
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How many cars listed here were actually owned by you guys. I think that ya'll are listing cars that you rode in. I'm 56 and I've owned 11 cars and that includes the ones I have right now. That means that I have had seven cars in my past.

Uh oh, I might have to count the Renault Dauphin my Dad bought in a bar for $35. I had to go find it. He remembered buying it and he had the keys, but he never actually saw it, and he kinda knew where it was. My friends and I finally found a Renault and the key started it, so it must have been the right one. It lasted a couple of months until the engine literally exploded with parts littering the California freeway. I coasted up an offramp and walked away from it. Never saw or heard of it ever again.

So, that makes eight cars.

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1.1960 American Rambler
2.1960 VW beetle, black, 1969 good times
3.1970 Toyota Corrolla
4.1966 plymouth satelite- Steve's when we married
 5.1973 Toyota Corrolla staion wagon
6.1975 Camaro
7.1969 Datsun
8.1975 renault
9.1956 pickup truck
10.1978 Triumph Spitfire
11.1978 Monte Carlo
12.1979 Buick Regal
13.1973 Triumph Spitfire
14.1978 Fiat Syder
15.1975 Fiat Syder
16.1978 Volvo
17. 1984 Subaru
18. 1990 Chyrsler LaBaron
19. 1992 Ford Explorer
20. 1971 VW convertible
21. 1965 VW bus- sold it
22.1966 VW convertible
23. 1966 VW bus- sold it
24. 1967 VW Westfalia
25. 2001 VW Jetta TDI- gave to Tyler 4 sp.
26. 2001 VW Golf TDI- still driving- 45mpg
27.1963 VW single cab- not running yet though so not sure it counts
     Steve adores that truck, his eyes light up when he talks about it.
He is trying to decide what color to paint it, it was originally red.

This is a good memory test, I am sure I left out a dozen.

---- Fred McDonald <texasbluebus@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
1st car in 1973 a 1959 Buick Limited, the car was as big as a house. paid $100.00 lasted about 2 months. 2nd car 1959 Ford ex-police car. still had the spotlight mounted on it. paid $75.00 3rd car 1963 beetle, broke the pan off-roading it in the hills outside San Diego. paid $150.00 4th car 1962 Oldsmobile Super 88. paid $50.00 sold it to a junkyard for scrap for $50.00 5th, car in 1978, 1959 Karmann Ghia for $350.00. beat the crap out of it driving on logging roads in Oregon.
6th car a 1963 Buick wildcat, paid $150.00
7th, car a 1976 Mazda RX3. The first car I ever financed, paid $1500.00
8th car, my first new car a 1984 Dodge Daytona
9th car 1985 Mazda B2000 pickup
10th car 1982 MGB roadster. This was the most love hate car I ever owned.
11th car 1973 Westie camper with A/C & auto.
12th car 1992 Mazda Miata.
13th car 1967 VW Westie Camper.
14th car 1998 Chrysler Concord. It was a company car and bought it for a great price. Was the biggest piece of crap I ever owned. 15th car 1998 Hundi Accent. Was broke down at my sister's, she just wanted someone to haul it off. 16th, car and newest a 2007 Ford Focus. This has been an excellent commuter, just the basics 5 speed, A/C and CD it was one of those the dealer advertises but doesn't really want to sell. $8,997.00

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So I just got to thinking tonight about all the cars that I've owned.... I started a list, this is just what I can remember off the top of my head... Also - what cars have ya'll owned and what do you currently own, and what's on the "must have list"?

  Cars that I own:
  67 VW bug 2180cc
  72 VW Karmann Ghia Rat rod in progress
  72 VW Westifalia bus + 74 short bus trailer
  05 Toyota Highlander
  99 F150 For Sale
  90 Acura Legend For Sale
  89 Mazda For Sale

  Past Cars: (in no order)
  91 Chevy astro van
  74 VW sunroof bug
  74 Pontiac Grandville convertible
  91 Lincoln town car
  79 VW Convertible bug
  67 VW bus
  96 Ford crown vic P71
  97 Ford crown vic P71
  98 Ford crown vic P71
  99 Ford crown vic P71
  99 Ford crown vic P71
  00 Ford crown vic P71
  00 Ford crown vic P71
  01 Ford crown vic P71
  01 Ford crown vic P71
  88 Dodge truck
  71 Chevy truck
  95 F250 Utility Body
  89 GMC Jimmy
  00 GMC Jimmy
  89 Volvo
  98 Ford Ranger
  67 VW show Bug
  96 Land Rover Discovery
  00 Harley Davidson Dyna Lowrider
  80 Honda 110 Trail bike

That's an average of 3 cars per year of driving, or a new car every four months, I did buy a lot of those cars to sell, but ended up driving for a short while almost everyone of them.


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