[tcb] Re: Can a collision move the engine?

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Thanks Sammy,He won't listen to me.
    Its pretty hard to hear engine noises when a person is driving around with 
things stuck in their ears to hear music.loose bolt on the pulley is the cause 
of the pulley wearing and moving into the tin after it was tightened.
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        There ain't no way the tree caused the pulley problem; or any other 
engine damage.

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          I have done absolutely zero work of maintenance on Murray's 
mechanicals since the tree kissing. When ever I did start him to move him a few 
yards while doing the body work, there was a banging noise that I thought was 
the tailpipe banging against the body metal. When Chuck and I were replacing 
the electronic points with real points, I noticed that the crank pulley nut was 
loose. It took a few turns. I also had to push the cooling tin away from the 
pulley. When I started the engine with Chuck looking at the engine we found 
that the pulley is way wobbly.

          There was no problem before the crash. I say that I was going, maybe, 
15 MPH when I hit the tree, because I can't think that I was going much faster, 
maybe I was. 

          The question is, would a front collision cause the engine to move 
forward, maybe 1/4-1/2 inch? How hard would I have to smack to cause the engine 
to go forward far enough to bend the pulley?

          Let's all make a wish that the crank wasn't damaged. I'll know 
tomorrow, maybe. 

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